It’s hot!

It’s hot in Turkey! 40 degrees celsius in the middle of the day … Crazy! Luckily there is lovely swimming pool in the marina complex where we go and cool down around lunchtime. We also have some airconditioning on board which is soooo nice! Nighttime is ok as there is a lovely breeze coming through the boat. We try and make the most of the mornings and evenings to get through our long list of things we need to do before we can set sail. First of all, we had to sort out lots of paperwork to transfer the ownership of the boat and register it in our names. We still have to change the name on the boat but that is also in progress now. Once all paperwork is received we can leave Turkey and hopefully find some cooler weather! And then there are lots of jobs around the boat that need to happen (replacing fly screens, cleaning and checking the rigging, fixing the airconditioning in the main saloon, servicing the watermaker, etc etc). The kids are keen to get sailing too but are being great in keeping busy playing games, swimming and helping with little jobs (if they feel like it…). We are slowly getting unpacked and organising the boat but it all takes time! Loving every minute of it!



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