Snorkelling Gear

We went shopping yesterday and bought new snorkelling gear for all of us and a dive tank for Seathan (which is essential for boat repairs or checking the anchor). As soon as we were back, the boys went to test their new gear in the swimming pool and loved it. They must have spent at least 3 hours snorkelling around the pool!

Today we started our homeschooling routine. We have some work over the summer months as Tyrii missed the last month of school this year and we have some catching up to do. We try to make it fun and will only do a few hours in the mornings. Aeneas is very keen to start learning to read and write and to do some simple maths but his attention span doesn’t last very long!

It is still very hot here. We are very keen to set sail but we are still waiting for some paperwork and also for a piece of electrical equipment (a charger inverter which acts as the “heart” of the boat to invert and convert power from different sources including solar, generator and shore power and in turn charges the batteries). This inverter has been ordered and will be delivered to Rhodes, in the next few days hopefully, where we will go and pick it up by ferry.

We are also having some repairs done (sun shade replacements, cushions re-upholstering, etc) and are replacing all the lifelines and adding netting around the boat which is recommended when sailing with children!


Snorkel Test

4 thoughts on “Snorkelling Gear

  1. Ha! Don’t worry too much about homeschooling over the summer.. Apparently they forget everything by autumn! The life experience you are giving them far outweighs what any child will accumulate in a classroom. No pressure to set sail.. You have the rest of your lives!! 🙂

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