Feeling frustrated

We’ve been in Turkey for two weeks now and we are still not ready to go. I’m starting to feel a bit frustrated! Without a new mastervolt piece of electrical equipment we can’t leave the marina. We are depending on shore power and a temporary battery set up unit our mastervolt is fixed. Our boat is on 110V and this piece of equipment had to come from the US but it should be on its way (from the US to Amsterdam and then to Athens and finally to Rhodes where we will go and pick it up). Fingers crossed it gets there soon and that everything works once it is put in. Secondly, we are also still waiting for the official papers showing the registration of the boat in our names. Without this document we can’t leave Turkey. The boat is registered in the British Virgin Islands so we are having to send paperwork back and forth between here and there and that is taking up time too!

On a more positive note, we met a lovely Australian-Canadian couple yesterday who are in the marina too, getting ready to go sailing around the Med with 2 boys of similar ages on board. The kids played all afternoon jumping and swimming of the back of the boat and had a great time while we caught up over a few beers!

Weather-wise it is still very hot but there is a lovely breeze today!


This is the mastervolt piece that needs to be replaced ...

This is the mastervolt piece that needs to be replaced …

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