Just another Monday

I couldn’t help thinking yesterday what a different day I was experiencing compared to the usual going in the office on a Monday morning. We had a very productive day with lots of jobs done (engine checks, cleaning, some re-wiring) and I took Aeneas for a swim just before lunch while Tyrii stayed on board to help Seathan. In the afternoon we visited our friends on the other catamaran and the kids swam and jumped off the back of the boat while we had a sundowner! Not bad for a Monday afternoon! In the evening we took the bus to a nearby beach restaurant. And today we are getting ready to sail out! We want to do a test sail and anchor up for the night and then come back to the marina tomorrow to get the name change completed (old name stickers to be removed and new ones to be stuck on). Once the new name is on we need to send a picture to the BVIs and then they can finally issue our registration papers! My experience with managing compliance projects seems quite relevant, getting a boat re-registered and re-named sometimes feels just as complicated!!


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