Marina life

Though we are still itching to get going, we are making the most of marina life. It’s a great opportunity to do some maintenance to the boat and some necessary upgrades. And the paperwork is finally on its way! We are also getting into a daily routine. We all wake up around 9 am, have some breakfast and then do some school work. After lunch we take a siesta or catch up with our friends on the other catamaran. They are off in a couple of days so the boys will definitely miss their playmates. We like to go swimming in the pool late afternoon and then make the most of our evenings which are so lovely and mild. The boys can stay up later than they usually would at home. Aeneas was a bit sick yesterday with a tummy bug but slept it off and is back in top form today. It got very windy last night and we are on an outside berth so requested to move to a quieter spot. Good practice for our mooring skills!



2 thoughts on “Marina life

  1. Enjoying the blog, sounds like a great adventure!

    Feel a little jealous about your Monday morning compared to my Monday today!

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