Still here

We are still in Marmaris. We have been here for one month now … The days just pass and we make the most of our time by fixing and cleaning the boat, doing some school work, practicing our swimming technique in the pool, SUP-ing around the boat and going for dinghy rides. Yesterday we had an “ipad-free” day. We limit the kids’ ipad time every day but it was nice to have a completely “screen-free” day. We played chess, read books and the boys dressed up as ninjas and ran around the boat. In the afternoon we were lazing around on the trampolines on the foredeck under the sunshade when suddenly the weather changed and we could see thunderstorms over the hills. The wind turned direction and a few minutes later it started raining. It was the first rain since we have been here and we got very excited! It only rained for 5 minutes and then everything went quiet again. The flat and calm sea state was the perfect opportunity to take the dinghy into town. It took us 5 mins by dinghy to get to Marmaris versus 25 mins on the bus! We parked right in the centre of the old town on the quay and wandered around, had some dinner and then raced back.

Tyrii took the picture below as the sky looked amazing last night and he asked to put it on the blog …


The paperwork still hasn’t reached us. It was sent with DHL from the BVIs on the 11th of July and arrived in Istanbul on the 14th. That’s when the tracking stops. Apparently courier packages are then handed over to a local courier company and it can take weeks to arrive. Some friends told us they waited 6 weeks for a credit card that was sent with DHL courier. We just rang the local courier company with some help from the people in the marina office and it seems it has been sent to Marmaris and then back to Istanbul. Hopefully it should be back on its way here now. We keep our fingers crossed and hope it gets here quickly. We are not allowed to leave the marina without this paperwork so we really are stuck! Our experience with the Turkish postal system hasn’t been great but I have to add that in general we have been very impressed with the Turkish culture and people. Everyone is very friendly, service is great everywhere and there is a strong work ethic.

We are very keen to leave by the end of this week. As long as our paperwork gets here in the next few days that should be possible. The big news this morning was that the Mastervolt has arrived in Rhodes! Woohoo! We will take the ferry to Rhodes tomorrow morning to go and pick it up and meanwhile do some sightseeing in Rhodes.

Today we need to start making shopping lists as we want to get enough food onboard for 30 days. There will be plenty of opportunity along the way to buy more food but it might not be as easy as it is here in the marina to get stuff loaded onto the boat. We plan to anchor as much as possible to avoid marina fees and also because it is much nicer! We will also get our laundry done before we go, there is a great service here in the marina. You drop it off in the morning and it is returned all clean, dry and folded by the evening. Not worth switching our washing machine on for!

Our delay in Marmaris means that we don’t have as much time as we would have liked to cruise the Med. We won’t be able to make too many detours and will need to get some miles under our belt to get to the Canary Island in time for crossing the Atlantic. The best time to cross is late November/early December and we would like to reach Gibraltar by early November. But we still have plenty of time and it will be so nice to finally get out there and sail! We plan to cross the Aegean Sea stopping off at several Greek islands. We’ve already had some good tips from some friends on where to stop off. We want to sail through the Corinth Canal (near Athens) and then across the Ionian to Italy, passing along Messina towards Sardinia and Corsica. It will then all depend on the weather whether we follow the coastline or cross straight over to the Balearics, Spain and Gibraltar.

Finally, it is our national holiday in Belgium today, so happy 21st of July to everyone there!


6 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Hooray for all – (except DHL Turkey) – got v excited here when the temp peaked at thirty! Best wishes to all from the London second hand tool centre!

    • Hi James! Feel free to drop the prices in order to sell and keep whatever tools you can use yourself! And let us know when you are coming to visit us ? Audrie X

  2. Wow all sounds amazing apart from paperwork hassles – Teo, Jim & I will be in kefilonia, Greece 17th to 28th – do drop by !!! Big loada love and HAPPY SAILING … big loada 💜LOVE 💜 Jo ✖️

      • Good morning all all looks like a great big adventure

        I will find out exactly where we will be south of the island I believe … and get back to ya

        Big loada 💜✖️

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