Yesterday was a pretty successful day. We have the new Mastervolt! Seathan lugged the 30 kgs in his backpack around Rhodes and smuggled it safely into Turkey. We can now fit it and have our power and energy management system back!

It also was a great day out. For the first time since leaving London we had to set our alarm clock to catch the 9am ferry. Whilst queuing to buy tickets and then again to get the boarding card and then a third time to check-in, the management consultant in me thought about process improvement and re-engineering. However, I quickly let go of those thoughts to enjoy the day! We arrived in Rhodes and I realised I had been there before, 20 years or so ago when I went island hopping across the Greek isles. Rhodes truly is an magnificent and beautiful ancient city. We took a taxi to the industrial side of town to pick up our Mastervolt and then went off to another specialized shop to buy a new VHF radio. We had a delicious lunch in a little taverna just outside the city centre. After that we joined the hordes of tourists to admire the old town and a few hours later headed back to Marmaris. Our friends Yotam and Eden picked us up in their superfast dingy and Tyrii drove us home! Now onto chasing our missing paperwork!




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