The Blue Book

Yesterday was another successful day. We finally got hold of our blue book. It had been in the country for two weeks but failed to reach us so far. We were told to get it from the ARAS office in Marmaris (the local courier company). But when we enquired, we were told it wasn’t there. We insisted and explained that we had made many phone calls and were told it was definitely in Marmaris. A few more phone calls later and half an hour of waiting and suddenly a guy turned up on a motorbike with our package. What a relief. The “Blue Book” is to the boat what a passport is to us. It is proof that the boat is now registered on the British Ship’s Registry and it is the official document we will need to show in each port when we check-in or out.

We now also have everything working on board. The new mastervolt was installed and switched on yesterday and we now have full power on board. We were using a temporary battery charger that allowed us to use fridge, freezer, 12V outlets and lights. But now, with the mastervolt, we have airconditioning again, we can switch on the icemaker, we can use all the electric plugs, we can hoover and use the washing machine. And we really appreciate all that luxury even more because we didn’t have it for a few weeks!

So the boat is ready to go and so are we. Unfortunately we are still waiting for one more item of paperwork. Without it we can’t take the boat out of Turkey. We had hoped it would arrive today but it is not here and everything in Turkey is shutting down for 4 days due to a religious holiday. It means we have to wait until Thursday or Friday.

We are planning to explore the Turkish coastline for a few days and then sail back to Marmaris at the end of the week to pick up our package and then we should finally be able to leave the country!


Daily evening SUP around the marina

Daily evening SUP around the marina

We finally got hold of our post

We finally got hold of our post

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