One night away turned into two! It was so nice to get out of the marina and anchor overnight. We sailed for about 2 hours to a little bay with a small town called Turunc Buku. Our friends joined us with their 60 ft catamaran and dropped their anchor first and we tried to raft our boat alongside but it was quite windy and after two failed attempts we decided to drop the anchor as well. We dinghied into town and had a wander around. Overnight it got quite windy but the anchor held fine. We were woken up by the sounds of the minarets and after breakfast and some schoolwork, we sailed around the corner to the next bay to find some turquoise water for snorkelling. Absolutely stunning. It was such a nice spot we decided to stay out for another night. This time we rafted up no problem as it was much calmer. Early evening we got some unwelcome visitors, hundreds of wasps! I never saw so many wasps in my life! We had to eat inside until they all disappeared after sunset. We had a lovely evening admiring the moon and the stars and this morning woke up early as the wasps reappeared. We made a run for it and were back in the marina by 10 am! We now feel a little bit more comfortable having sailed the boat but we also have a few more things to fix. Yesterday one of the engines cut out and after some investigating Seathan discovered the fan belt had come off. He managed to fix it but it needs to be replaced and the engines need a good servicing too. We also had some trouble with the VHF radio and will need to replace the unit. And finally, the pumps in the bilges need replacing too!

This afternoon they tried to stick the new name stickers on but the material didn’t seem to hold very well so the guys are coming back tomorrow morning to try a different way. We need to have the new name on the boat before we can register it in its new name (we need to send pictures as proof). Renaming and re-registration of a boat is serious business and there are many rules to comply with …

Some good news yesterday was that the mastervolt unit has arrived in Amsterdam and is on its way to Rhodes!

Stay tuned! It looks like we will be in Marmaris for a little while longer.





Just another Monday

I couldn’t help thinking yesterday what a different day I was experiencing compared to the usual going in the office on a Monday morning. We had a very productive day with lots of jobs done (engine checks, cleaning, some re-wiring) and I took Aeneas for a swim just before lunch while Tyrii stayed on board to help Seathan. In the afternoon we visited our friends on the other catamaran and the kids swam and jumped off the back of the boat while we had a sundowner! Not bad for a Monday afternoon! In the evening we took the bus to a nearby beach restaurant. And today we are getting ready to sail out! We want to do a test sail and anchor up for the night and then come back to the marina tomorrow to get the name change completed (old name stickers to be removed and new ones to be stuck on). Once the new name is on we need to send a picture to the BVIs and then they can finally issue our registration papers! My experience with managing compliance projects seems quite relevant, getting a boat re-registered and re-named sometimes feels just as complicated!!


Lazy Sunday

We had a perfect lazy Sunday today. We took the dingy out just before lunch to cool off and go across the bay. There’s a little beach bar where we wanted to go for lunch and have a swim. Aeneas was allowed to steer the dingy but when a big yacht was heading towards us into the marina he said “daddy, you do the worrying! I do the steering”. Very funny moment. We had a lovely time at the beach, then came back to the boat, had a siesta and went for a swim in the pool late afternoon and caught up with our friends. A perfect lazy day! Back to work tomorrow to continue with all the little jobs we have left to do!


Feeling frustrated

We’ve been in Turkey for two weeks now and we are still not ready to go. I’m starting to feel a bit frustrated! Without a new mastervolt piece of electrical equipment we can’t leave the marina. We are depending on shore power and a temporary battery set up unit our mastervolt is fixed. Our boat is on 110V and this piece of equipment had to come from the US but it should be on its way (from the US to Amsterdam and then to Athens and finally to Rhodes where we will go and pick it up). Fingers crossed it gets there soon and that everything works once it is put in. Secondly, we are also still waiting for the official papers showing the registration of the boat in our names. Without this document we can’t leave Turkey. The boat is registered in the British Virgin Islands so we are having to send paperwork back and forth between here and there and that is taking up time too!

On a more positive note, we met a lovely Australian-Canadian couple yesterday who are in the marina too, getting ready to go sailing around the Med with 2 boys of similar ages on board. The kids played all afternoon jumping and swimming of the back of the boat and had a great time while we caught up over a few beers!

Weather-wise it is still very hot but there is a lovely breeze today!


This is the mastervolt piece that needs to be replaced ...

This is the mastervolt piece that needs to be replaced …


Tyrii woke up early this morning (as he often does!) and went to read his kindle in the hammock on deck. I think it’s his favourite spot at the moment! As you can see from the picture, we also had nets put around the sides (kid protection) and we had all the life lines replaced (the metal bits on the side). Next we are having new sun shades made for both the cockpit and for the foredeck (for when we are at anchor).

Tyrii and I went shopping in town this morning in Kippa (the Turkish equivalent of Tesco). We have a little rental car and it is about 20 mins to drive into town. We bought lots of “goodies”: a paddling pool (for on deck), water pistols, colouring books etc.

Off to the pool now to cool down and test out the water pistols!


Tyrii's favourite spot

Tyrii’s favourite spot

Snorkelling Gear

We went shopping yesterday and bought new snorkelling gear for all of us and a dive tank for Seathan (which is essential for boat repairs or checking the anchor). As soon as we were back, the boys went to test their new gear in the swimming pool and loved it. They must have spent at least 3 hours snorkelling around the pool!

Today we started our homeschooling routine. We have some work over the summer months as Tyrii missed the last month of school this year and we have some catching up to do. We try to make it fun and will only do a few hours in the mornings. Aeneas is very keen to start learning to read and write and to do some simple maths but his attention span doesn’t last very long!

It is still very hot here. We are very keen to set sail but we are still waiting for some paperwork and also for a piece of electrical equipment (a charger inverter which acts as the “heart” of the boat to invert and convert power from different sources including solar, generator and shore power and in turn charges the batteries). This inverter has been ordered and will be delivered to Rhodes, in the next few days hopefully, where we will go and pick it up by ferry.

We are also having some repairs done (sun shade replacements, cushions re-upholstering, etc) and are replacing all the lifelines and adding netting around the boat which is recommended when sailing with children!


Snorkel Test