We are anchored in a little bay on Oxia, a small island in the Gulf of Patras. Last night we stayed in a beautiful bay in Trizonia and today we sailed through the Gulf of Corinth. Actually, we motored mainly as there has been very little wind the last few days. The Gulf Of Corinth joins the Gulf of Patras under The Rion-Andirrion suspension bridge. According to our pilot book it is the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world. It was pretty cool to sail under it!

As soon as we were anchored, we tied some sternlines to the rocks and went snorkelling. After dinner Aeneas wanted do some fishing and in literally 2 minutes caught his first fish ! It was a sea bream but only a baby one so we threw it back in the water.

We’ve been living on the boat for a month and a half now and it really is starting to feel like home. Tyrii still misses some ‘London things’ like his favourite delivery pizza and some of the foods we can’t get here but all in all the boys seem very happy and Greece has been wonderful so far!



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