We are in beautiful Cephalonia. Today we’re in Argostoli, from here we plan to check out of Greece and head across the Ionian Sea to Italy. We enjoyed a few beautiful stops on the way here. After Oxia, we sailed to Cephalonia and spent two nights on anchor in Katelios. The bay was like a huge private swimming pool with shallow turquoise water, plenty of little reefs and gorgeous views. The boys couldn’t get enough of snorkelling and swimming. We have a few London friends arriving on the island on Sunday and would like to catch up with them before we leave Greece early next week. We also need to stock up the boat and get it ready for our first crossing. It is a small crossing compared to what is yet to come but nonetheless it is good practice for us! It will probably take us about 48 hours to get across to Italy and we will take turns doing 3 to 4 hour shifts. Exciting!


3 thoughts on “Cephalonia

  1. zo te zien zijn jullie nu echt wel vertrokken ! We denken regelmatig aan jullie en gaan de reis zo goed mogelijk volgen….. kwestie van een tussenstop bij jullie te plannen he xxx

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