We’re in Italy ! We got here a bit faster than anticipated so had to slow down and stand off until sunrise as we didn’t want to make our approach at nighttime. It was quite a challenging crossing. The first 18 hours were very relaxing. We cooked dinner and had a quiet night. Didn’t see a single boat all night. In the morning the wind started building which was ok as the boat handles it well. The swell however was extremely uncomfortable and coming from two different directions. The wind kept building so we put a couple of reefs in before sunset. The second night was rougher than the first. We saw a few big cargo ships and lightning around us in the distance. I did a shift from 1 until 4 am and managed to tack the boat twice on my own and feel quite proud of myself! We sailed into Rocella Ionica at 9 am, a lovely little marina. We tied the boat up and now we are having a little celebratory beer! Bit crazy at 9 am but we feel we deserved it!

We are very happy to be in Italy, it’s one of our favourite countries. We love the food, the culture, the language. I asked the kids what they think about Italy and Tyrii said it’s the best country in the world because it has the coolest cars (Ferrari , Lamborghini ) , the best food (pizza) and volcanoes which are pretty awesome. Aeneas is mostly looking forward to seeing a real volcano! Stromboli and Vongole here we come!

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