We had a very productive pit stop in the marina. We cleaned the boat and had a good sleep and ate some amazing food. The little marina restaurant served the most delicious lunch: spaghetti a la vongole, mussels, veal steak and the juiciest lobster I ever ate (for only 12 euros!). In the evening we went to get some pizza and were astounded to see approx 1000 (yes one thousand) people seated outside the little restaurant for dinner. It had turned into a true food factory and all the locals were eating there.

We left Rocella Ionica at midday and sailed for 30 hours to arrive in Scilla at 6 am, a picturesque swordfish fishing village with a imposing rock fortress. The sea was very calm with little wind until we hit the straights of Messina where the wind built to 22 knots with tidal changes and whirlpools everywhere and much traffic. Quite an experience!

We also were greeted by dolphins twice yesterday, once in the afternoon and once at night . They swam around the boat and showed us their tricks.

Today we are going to explore the town and the fortress and tomorrow we are heading to the Lipari Islands just off the coast of Sicily.




IMG_4474 IMG_4471


Leaving the straights of Messina behind us

Swordfish fishermen

Swordfish fishermen

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