A day in Athens

We had a great day in Athens. We headed into town in the afternoon and headed first to the Akropolis. Tyrii couldn’t believe those buildings are 4000 years old. Amazing. Next we saw the houses of parliament, the temple of Zeus, the Stadium and finally a hilltop with an amazing view over the city. Today, … Continue reading A day in Athens


We're in Athens! What a change from those quiet anchorages! But it nice to get into civilisation again. It was pouring down earlier. As we entered the marina there were big thunderstorms on the horizon and as soon as we were moored up it started raining. Now it is all dry again and the evening … Continue reading Athens


I can’t believe it’s been only a week since we left Marmaris. We’ve done quite a few Greek islands in one week: Simi, Yiali, Levitha, Patmos, Fournio and Tinos. We arrived in Tinos before sunset after a long day sailing, parked up Mediterranean style (anchor with stern lines to the quay) and settled down for … Continue reading Tinos