We're in Mahon and plan to stay here for a couple more days before heading to Mallorca to meet our friends who arrive on Thursday. It's been great to be in a marina for a few days to get things fixed on the boat. Our sails are repaired but we are planning to replace them … Continue reading Mahon


We’ve been in Cagliari since Monday. It’s an interesting city, a mixture between ancient history and modern city living. We enjoyed visiting the historic centre and its beautiful cathedral set within very old city walls. Apart from some sight-seeing we spent the rest of our time doing maintenance and fixes to the boat, catching up … Continue reading Cagliari

we’re off again

We're off to Sardinia! Bye bye Favignana! We enjoyed being here for a few days and yesterday explored the island which has some beautiful bays and a rugged coastline. It should take us between 24 and 36 hours to get to Sardinia depending on wind speed and direction...