We’re nearly in Sardinia, just a few miles off the coast. The most exciting part of the trip for all of us was definitely catching a fish. It was around 5pm yesterday (just in time for dinner!) that we noticed the fishing rod was bent and started pulling it in to discover a tuna at the end of it! The boys were screaming with excitement and got a bonus biology lesson. Seathan gutted, cleaned and filleted the fish and we had a delicious supper and a few more meals in the freezer. I went to bed at the same time as the kids (9pm) and Seathan did the first night shift. I prefer to do mine after a little sleep so when he woke me at 2pm I didn’t mind . It’s quite magical being out there on your own under the moon and stars while everyone else is asleep. I listened to some music , figured out which stars were which with the help of the skyguide app and only saw two other ships. I love the moment just before sunrise when everything becomes light again. Apart from spotting several turtles, today was pretty uneventful. We did schoolwork in the morning, had spaghetti carbonara for lunch (quite appropriate as we are heading towards capo carbonara !) and we cleaned the boat while the kids played with Lego. And now we’re all looking forward to anchoring in a nice bay, going for a swim and then an early night!



2 thoughts on “Sardinia

  1. Al meerdere uren buiten bereik, geen enkel pgm kan je situeren.

    Lekker visje gevangen, maar weet uit ervaring dathet het echt bloedbad is (letterlijk) om die proper en eetbaar te maken.
    Have a nice trip !!!!!!

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