Still in Mahon

Yesterday was hot and sticky and today it’s raining which is quite a relief. We are heading out today to anchor in a nearby Calla and then will return to Mahon on Monday afternoon or Tuesday to pick up our repaired main sail. We stayed at a floating pontoon in the middle of the marina which was perfect for us as it gives more privacy than being at the town wall where too many tourist walk past and stop to peek inside the boat. It’s also been a great way to meet some other yachties also staying at the pontoon. There’s water and electricity (but no wifi unfortunately) and it’s only a one minute hop across the water with the dinghy to the go into town.

We have some friends visiting in two weeks which we are all very excited about. Pete, Lucy and their kids are coming over for a long weekend to Palma de Mallorca to see us ! We might have to get them to bring a few things from the UK we can’t get over here…

We also made plans to pick up two friends in Malaga late October who will sail across the Atlantic with us. We met Yotam and Eden when we were in Marmaris and got on really well. It will be great to have some extra help to share the night watches when we are doing 2 or 3 weeks non stop sailing.


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