It’s been raining on and off the last few days, a good opportunity to test our cockpit enclosure which we are pleased to say does a great job in keeping us dry! Today we are anchored in Cala Teulera, a little bay round the back of a fort at the entrance of port Mahon. The kids and I did schoolwork this morning whilst Seathan got on with some maintenance and repair jobs and also organised a few more things. It’s been a good day as we managed to secure a whole new set of through hulls which Pete and Lucy will bring over when they visit. We also booked a raymarine technician in Palma to come and reprogram our software and check all data interfaces. Tomorrow we will go into Mahon to pick up the repaired sail and we might stay in the marina for one or two nights. The prices are very reasonable now that the busy summer season is over but it is still amazing how much discount there can be had after a bit of negotiating!

One thought on “Rain

  1. Like your, almost, daily blog reports, cannot wait to read them and dream about this amazing adventure.
    Keep on logging NM and get most pleasure out of each of them.
    “complaining” about a bit of rain for people living so long in the UK ? Amazing !
    Love You all … keep on going.

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