We’re in Favignana and will be staying here for three days until the wind dies down a bit … After many calm days it started blowing hard early this morning. Our next stop is Sardinia so we want to pick a good weather window for our crossing (which is approx. 175NM). We were anchored in the bay last night but now we’re safely tied onto a pontoon with 3 mooring lines, 2 stern lines and a spring line, so we won’t be going anywhere. According to the weather forecast it is going to blow very hard on Tuesday and Wednesday (and from the wrong direction) and then it should die down again.

Favignana is a lovely little town so we don’t mind staying here for a few days to enjoy the last of Sicily and to have a rest before our next crossing! Christophe and Valerie recommended us a local restaurant which looks great and we will go and try it tonight!

IMG_4681 IMG_4692