Off to the Spanish mainland

We're all set for our next short hop from Ibiza to Malaga. It's about 340NM so depending on wind speed and direction it will take us up to 60 hours, hopefully less! Some friends we met in Argostoli arrived in Ibiza this morning and they are planning to sail with us to Malaga and then … Continue reading Off to the Spanish mainland

Skips ready……..finally!

Skippers update, and perhaps a sign that finally my head can relax from the boat essentials and concentrate on the months sailing ahead. Rehua is finally fully handed over from her previous owner, it takes a lot of paperwork and reregistering of the safety and communications equipment on board. Life raft, harnesses, jackets, jackstays, EPIRB, HF, pactor … Continue reading Skips ready……..finally!

Cala Pi

We are anchored in Cala Pi, a narrow fjord-like inlet approx 15 NM southeast of Palma with stunning turquoise water and impressive rock formations. Yesterday we enjoyed a day of swimming, snorkelling and SUP-ing. Tomorrow we plan to head into Palma for a couple of days to sort out a few boat maintenance and repair … Continue reading Cala Pi


We're anchored in Cala an Pastilla which is a few miles east of Palma. We had a wonderful sail with perfect conditions, a beautiful sunrise and another 100 miles under our belts (bringing the total to 1,500 NM!)