Off to Palma

We’re all very keen to go sailing again. After a week being tied onto a pontoon we are all suffering from “marina fever”! The boat is ready and we plan to set off this evening to Palma in order to get there by tomorrow afternoon … We did the one thing that so many people advised us never to do: Arranged to meet people in a different place from where we are now. Palma de Mallorca is about 100 nautical miles from Mahon and our friends are arriving tomorrow evening. We’re excited to see our friends and to have some visitors on the boat but unfortunately it means we have to leave Mahon before all the work to the boat is done. We wanted to replace all the mattresses and renew the vinyl on the interior panelling. It looks like we might just (fingers crossed) get all the panelling done but we only have 1 out of 3 mattresses redone. It would all have been completed if the shop that is doing the work for us wasn’t flooded yesterday (there were huge thunderstorms and much rain overnight). Oh well. I guess there are worse problems to have! We’ll just have to get the remainder done somewhere else, perhaps in Palma.

2 thoughts on “Off to Palma

  1. Bon vent, glad You”re on the move again, New sails ?
    If there is someting I can help please with, an.or particitpate in this magnificant adventure, please do not hesitate, to ask. love all of You (5) Rehua incl.

  2. We Promise to make it worth your while by entertaining you with scintilating conversation and repartee…..oh, or maybe it’s someone else you’re meeting?! Safe voyage and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night…. Can’t quite believe we’ll be onboard this time tomorrow! xxxx

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