Ibiza here we come

We’re ready to leave Palma and set sail for Ibiza tomorrow morning. We’ve had lots of good things done to the boat here in Palma. Our watermaker has been completely re-fitted and serviced and should now be ready for our Atlantic crossing. We also had some more upholstery work done (new mattress covers and a few fixes to the cockpit enclosure). It feels good to get the boat in order. We even managed to purchase some offshore life jackets for the boys (which are really hard to find!). We plan to spend a few days on Ibiza and then head to Malaga where we have rendez-vous with our friends Yotam and Eden who will be joining us for the Atlantic crossing. The weather is still absolutely gorgeous reaching 30 degrees or more during the day but it is starting to feel a bit cooler at night. Palma’s been great, it certainly has a “big city feel” to it. We were quite surprised when we stumbled across an exhibition the other day in a beautiful old building featuring Jan Fabre, who is a Belgian artist. The boys loved his sculptures and artwork of tortoises and brains!

2 thoughts on “Ibiza here we come

  1. Hi Audrie, jullie reis vlot goed. Fijn om je commentaar te kunnen lezen en de mooie foto’s te bewonderen. Wij zijn een weekje op de Canarische eilanden met Sus, Greta, Luc en Si van 5 tot 12 november. Denk dat dit wat nipt zal zijn voor jullie????…..

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