Off to the Spanish mainland

We’re all set for our next short hop from Ibiza to Malaga. It’s about 340NM so depending on wind speed and direction it will take us up to 60 hours, hopefully less! Some friends we met in Argostoli arrived in Ibiza this morning and they are planning to sail with us to Malaga and then onwards to the Canaries and across the pond. They should have similar speeds as us but we will test that soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Off to the Spanish mainland

  1. Hi Rehua Crew
    We have met you the first time in Cala Pi (you helped us with your dinghy to bring the heck line to the rock) and a few day later we have seen you in Palma Marina. We are the swiss/german Family on the sailingboat cyclades. Do you remember us? You showed us your great catamaran.

    We are back at home and its quite nice to read your reports.

    We wish you a good trip to Malaga and that wind speed and direction will be with you.

    All the best
    Miriam and guys☀️

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