Windy in Las Palmas

We're happy to be in the marina as it is blowing very hard here in Las Palmas! One of the boats anchored in the bay next to the marina even ended up on the rocks last night. This weekend we're doing some sightseeing and catching up with granny Etty who is visiting us for a … Continue reading Windy in Las Palmas


Into the Atlantic

We just left the Med and are heading into the Atlantic and are enjoying some beautiful sailing. We broke our record and reached a boat speed of 13.3 knots with just the Genoa up! Wonderful! Everyone's happy and comfortable. Kids are playing with Lego and adults are simply enjoying surfing those waves!

La Linea

We’re in La Linea (just next to Gibraltar, on the Spanish side) tied up to a floating pontoon in a lovely marina with views of the rock of Gibraltar. Our new batteries will be delivered here and once we have those we can head to Gibraltar to pick up our new sails.