We took a walk to Gibraltar yesterday. It was strange crossing the border by foot and then walking across the runway of the airport! The weather was beautiful, the views from the top of the rock were amazing and the boys loved watching the wild monkeys.

Apart from that there’s not much to report, we are still waiting for our new batteries and new sails which will hopefully be delivered in the next few days and then we can be on our way to the Canaries.







IMG_9891 IMG_9872

2 thoughts on “Gibraltar

  1. Hey les amis! Roger is in Las Palmas to get ready for The ARC! The departure is on the 23rd, name of the boat TINIA..Hope you are all fine and well ,it looks like you are! xxx Magali

    • Hi Magali! We’re all doing great! Say hello to Roger for us. Unfortunately it looks like we will miss him as we might not get to Las Palmas until after the Arc has left…. Xxx

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