The Elves have arrived!

It’s a big deal on board when the major items arrive, today was Skips Christmas, four new batteries ready to install in the big white toy, happy days indeed!
There has also been movement on the sails front from Ullman RSA, they are in Gibraltar, the plan is to slot the batteries in and sail over to Gib, land at the fuel dock, give the good ship Rehua as much duty free fuel as she can swallow, pick up the sails and run, will we get away without the check-in formalities? After being shooed off the runway on the skateboard by a British policeman, and then told by the Spanish immigration desk that I was carrying a stolen passport yesterday on the walk into Gib, I somehow doubt the authorities will let us away with a hit and run. P.S. The passport had the same number as a stolen ID card in the Czech republic, nothing worse than a bad Cheque:-)
After picking up the sails we have some rig tuning to consider, our mast is deck stepped and sitting slack at the moment, to date, in heavy weather the shrouds have been (IMO) way too loose. I have sent Selden our mast details asking for the required tensions as I’m sure she needs less rake and more pre-bend to prevent damage in a bigger sea. Ted, I wont tighten them too much!
The catamaran is an interesting learning curve, the standing rig sizes seem immense for the size and weight of the boat, it’s a good reminder that the stresses involved here do not equate to mono-hull sailing.
Other jobs this week have been fitting of stays on deck and underneath the bridge, not a great thought but good to know they are there.
It’s been a week for Cat comparing, Miaow, we have seen all sorts in la Linea, some new buddies on an brand new Outremer 45 left last week, Hi Adam!, it looks like a real flier. Not that I’m jealous ;-0, I doubt we will catch them short of a rum stop in the Carribean!
Lagoons still dominate the proceedings on every front. One day I will work it out and explain!
Everyone’s departure is being determined by the rather sizeable lows that are sweeping across the Nth Atlantic. At the moment a late Friday departure look feasible, the Straits will be tough with breeze on the nose, the east going current needs to be respected here, after that the sail down the west coast of Africa leaves only a couple of dubious entries if the weather turns foul. To date the various weather forecasts we are using seem reliable and a touch on the pessimistic side, upside we are 4 strong on the crew front now. Sleep is available!

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