New positioning system

After a heads up that we sailed into a “black hole” last week, I have attempted something different, “mailasail” run a blog system that with some input en route, should give Google earth positioning updates with some brief text on our sanity levels included.

Please give it a try and let me know if its a success, if not its back to the drawing board!

6 thoughts on “New positioning system

  1. Audrie,

    The boat is lying in a bar. It must be working. Have fun

    Kurt Op 1-dec.-2014, om 16:26 heeft Rehua het volgende geschreven:

    > >

  2. dag seathan en audry,
    wij zijn in fuerteventura vanaf 15 december, misschien zijn jullie daar nog in de buurt, dan komen we jullie eens opzoeken!

    Greta en Sus

    • Hello Hendrik, Yes we will be able to supply position updates when out of VHF range, we have three systems aboard “potentially” capable of transmitting small data packages via satellite or HF, first, and least costly is the HF pactor 4 modem, 2nd an Iridium prepaid handheld system and 3rd a Sailor Fleet broadband 250 from Immarsat, we are using the sailmail blog website via Google earth, they have a Lat:Lon recognition sytem similar to the one that we use for our NOAA gribs that extrapolates our coordinates from an email header and plots them automatically, we havent bothered until now as the Med was so well connected. I hope this makes sense and you can plot our course as we go!
      All the best,

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