Ready for the big crossing

After nearly two weeks in Gran Canaria we are ready for our big crossing! We’ve had a great time on the island and last weekend we rented a car to explore the beautiful mountainside and some of the beaches. I also visited several museums with the kids. There is a great museum about Christopher Columbus which Tyrii found fascinating and he is now writing an essay about Columbus. We also visited the science museum and the museum about the Canary islands. And the atmosphere in the marina is great. Everyone is getting ready for the crossing and there are (finally!) other kids to play with. It’s been a busy few weeks with lots of cleaning and fixing jobs in order to get the boat ready. And of course there’s always time needed to chat to other people and make new friends.
Yesterday, we did our big shop (7 trolleys!) which was delivered early evening and packed away neatly in a few hours. We are waiting for one more delivery tomorrow morning (fruit and veg) and then we can go. It’s quite a challenge planning for one month of provisions but I think we did quite well. The freezer is full of vacuum packed and pre-frozen meat, we rubbed 150 eggs in vaseline to keep them fresh, we packed away 10 kgs of pasta, 10 kgs of rice, 15 kgs of potatoes, plenty of flour for making bread, 200 litres of water (even though we have a water maker it is always wise to take plenty of bottled water just in case!), 40 litres of juice, a few cases of coca-cola, some beers, and so on! We plan to stop over in Cape Verde which is about 7 days sailing from here and then cross over to the Caribbean from there. Everyone is excited about leaving and we will have a few birthday parties (including my 40ed!) en route! And of course Christmas might be happening while we are in the middle of the Atlantic but I’m confident Santa will find our boat and our stockings are ready. We even have a little Christmas tree on board!

10 thoughts on “Ready for the big crossing

  1. dag Audrie en Seathan, wij komen maandag naar Fuertaventura, maar dan zijn jullie al vertrokken wsl.?wij wensen jullie goede vaart en een fijne verjaardag!! vele groetjes, sus en Greta

  2. Wow guys you have made it. Caribbean for Christmas/ New Year. So excited for you all. Have a super birthday. Mine was messy, ended up dancing on the stage at the 2 brewers. Tell Tyrii it’s Clapham Manor Christmas show time and they are doing Robin Hood through the songs of Blondie. It’s gonna be a hoot. Can’t wait to hear more news. Lots of love Charlotte, Kevin, Lily, Mimi, and Georgie xxx

  3. Hi Amazing Family,

    we met you all on the train as you were just heading off on this amazing adventure. We are Tom and Mary Goodrich from Virginia and I am a sailor, so I have been loving your blogs.

    i have so much id like to say but most of all, you all are doing what many of us so desire to do. I’m proud, amazed, energized….just reading…cant imagine all you have had to prepare for the crossing of the Atlantic?

    we are here, on this side and would love to meet up with you all or help in any way once you are here.
    As a child and teenager, my dad and I sailed the BVI’s and and up the coast from South Carolina to Maine. he is at the end of his life soon and we “dream” about these memories ad the best ever.

    peace and safe travels
    please be in touch if you can?

    Mary Goodrich

    • hello Mary! Of course we remember you guys! It was such a big day for us, getting on the train with all our luggage and a one way ticket to Turkey to start our adventure ! It was great to meet you guys and chat to you. We don’t know yet which islands in the Caribbean we will stop at. We would love to do the BVIs but also want to see some family who’ll be in Bequia and some friends who are coming to St Martin. And it will most of all depend on wind and weather conditions where we will end up!

  4. Wow! Your shop made my eyes water.. The planning for that length of time must be immense… Don’t run out of beer!!!

    Cape Verde islands are supposed to be beautiful and then you have tropical paradise to look forward to across the Atlantic… What an amazing way to celebrate your 40th!!

    Thinking of you all, Michelle, colin and kidsxxxx

  5. Hello Audrie
    very exciting – thinking of you all – missing number 11 for Christmas – hope the sails were sorted out – you are all in my thoughts –

  6. Hello Rehua,
    regards from Germany and all the best for your crossing!
    As promised I will follow you on this block and on Google.
    (I can see your position in Las Palmas on Google today)
    Looking Forward to her some News from cap verde 🙂
    Best greetings also from Frank and Thomas
    Your mooring beer buddies from Palma de Mallorca
    Fair winds and sunshine
    Skipper Burghard

  7. Hi Audrie- I love reading your blog! I sent this entry round to the team and everyone was really excited to read about your preparations 🙂 Hope you all have a great time over Christmas – Rebecca


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