After a short sail we arrived in Mustique. Beautiful island, spectacular snorkelling and now great live jazz in Basil’s Bar! The island is indeed “closed” as apparently Kate and William have been following our blog and chased us down 😉



Fixed and stocked up

The steering’s fixed, the crew is rested and new provisions are onboard. We had a lovely dinner ashore last night, right on the beach. We are itching to get sailing again and discover another island. We are heading to Mustique and plan to stay there for one or two nights. We heard the island is “closed” as there are some celebs around but we are still able to anchor and go ashore.
Bequia has been a convenient stop over. Even though there is no marina here (all boats are anchored in the bay), all the usual services are available. Small service boats can be called on the VHF to come and delivery fuel and water and pick up laundry. There’s a few shops ashore and yesterday we stocked up on provisions and got it all onboard with the dinghy which for us is the equivalent as having a car! We also bumped into another Antares boat which is a first for us!




A day on the beach

First of all, thank you for all your lovely messages! We really appreciate it! We’ve been enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation ( but of course have also done some schoolwork and some fixes and maintenance to the boat). Bequia is a beautiful small island with a relaxed atmosphere. Today we spent the afternoon on the beach with a barbecue, rum punch and lots of playing in the sea for the kids. What a treat! We’re not too sure yet what our plans are next but we’d like to stop off at Mustique and Tobago cays and do some island hopping. No big crossings for the immediate future. We slowly want to make our way to Panama and the Pacific, where of course we’ll have our longest crossing from the Galapagos to the Marquesas which is about 3000NM! But right now it’s time to relax and enjoy the Caribbean !







We did it! We made it across the pond! After 15 days at sea (2138 nm) it is heaven to be back on land. It was quite an experience. The first 12 days were very rough with big waves (often 6 to 8 metres) and lots of wind (constant 25 to 30 knots). We are very proud that we did the trip on our own without any extra crew. We went from Las Palmas to Cape Verde on our own too and managed it fine so decided to continue on that basis. The only challenge was sleep! Seathan and I took turns doing 3 hour shifts during the night and then tried to get a nap too sometime during the day. But that’s still not a lot of sleep. Luckily the kids were great and pretty much kept themselves occupied with toys, games and books. And then of course on day 13 we lost our steering mechanism and had to install the emergency tiller. That’s was quite a challenge as steering by tiller requires a lot of concentration (it’s like steering a big dinghy) and you can’t do anything else but steer the boat (as opposed to having the autopilot and being able to multi-task). We were lucky the weather had calmed down and the sea was much flatter and it was actually beautiful sailing like that, especially at night under a starlit sky. Tyrii was great the last few days and really stepped up as a useful crew member. He helped getting sails up and down, checking the AIS, trimming the boat and even did some steering.  And now we are in Bequia. We arrived last night just after sunset and anchored in front of Lower Bay Beach, were Seathan’s uncle Lorne is staying. Lorne and Anne met us on the beach as we approached by dinghy in the dark and we went for a lovely dinner in the local restaurant. We had a great night’s sleep (a full 8 hours for the first time in more than 2 weeks!) and this morning went for a swim and a snorkel! Our friends from Taff Tumas have just arrived too and are anchored beside us! Now we’re off to town to get checked-in with customs and immigration, arrange for repairs and get some shopping done.
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mid atlantic sunset
emergency tillertiller extension
50 miles to go
Bequia Lower Bay

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was the first time in 6 months we set the alarm clock to wake up. We are currently staying in marina Mindelo on Sao Vicente and from here we caught an early morning ferry for a day trip to Santo Antao, a nearby island. We hired a little taxi bus that took us into the mountains to visit an extinct volcano crater. After a lovely walk we drove round to the other side of the island and the scenery took our breaths away. Truly stunning. Another stop in a little fishing village, some lunch and then back to the ferry! Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve on board with our friends from Taff Tumas. Mindelo marina was lit up with great fireworks and the town was still partying at 8am this morning! We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Cape Verde, it’s more beautiful than we imagined, the people are very friendly and there’s a great ambience. Think we are going to a need a day’s rest before we can contemplate departing! Happy New Year everyone !!! X