Happy New Year!

Yesterday was the first time in 6 months we set the alarm clock to wake up. We are currently staying in marina Mindelo on Sao Vicente and from here we caught an early morning ferry for a day trip to Santo Antao, a nearby island. We hired a little taxi bus that took us into the mountains to visit an extinct volcano crater. After a lovely walk we drove round to the other side of the island and the scenery took our breaths away. Truly stunning. Another stop in a little fishing village, some lunch and then back to the ferry! Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve on board with our friends from Taff Tumas. Mindelo marina was lit up with great fireworks and the town was still partying at 8am this morning! We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Cape Verde, it’s more beautiful than we imagined, the people are very friendly and there’s a great ambience. Think we are going to a need a day’s rest before we can contemplate departing! Happy New Year everyone !!! X










2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ahoy, Ahoy, Guys,
    Happy New Year !
    Hope the Big Pond is treating you well & you’ll soon be lying under the palm trees again.
    The trip sounds & look amazing so far.
    Life is much the same in London & everyones well [getting rather cold now] Ice on the roads for yesterdays ride & three of us “came a cropper” [Will, John & myself] nothing serious though.
    Looking forward to our South Africa trip [any chance you can steer that way for the second week of March !?]
    Missed you on the balcony in Samoens this year !
    Lots of Love
    Stephen & Co

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