We did it! We made it across the pond! After 15 days at sea (2138 nm) it is heaven to be back on land. It was quite an experience. The first 12 days were very rough with big waves (often 6 to 8 metres) and lots of wind (constant 25 to 30 knots). We are very proud that we did the trip on our own without any extra crew. We went from Las Palmas to Cape Verde on our own too and managed it fine so decided to continue on that basis. The only challenge was sleep! Seathan and I took turns doing 3 hour shifts during the night and then tried to get a nap too sometime during the day. But that’s still not a lot of sleep. Luckily the kids were great and pretty much kept themselves occupied with toys, games and books. And then of course on day 13 we lost our steering mechanism and had to install the emergency tiller. That’s was quite a challenge as steering by tiller requires a lot of concentration (it’s like steering a big dinghy) and you can’t do anything else but steer the boat (as opposed to having the autopilot and being able to multi-task). We were lucky the weather had calmed down and the sea was much flatter and it was actually beautiful sailing like that, especially at night under a starlit sky. Tyrii was great the last few days and really stepped up as a useful crew member. He helped getting sails up and down, checking the AIS, trimming the boat and even did some steering.  And now we are in Bequia. We arrived last night just after sunset and anchored in front of Lower Bay Beach, were Seathan’s uncle Lorne is staying. Lorne and Anne met us on the beach as we approached by dinghy in the dark and we went for a lovely dinner in the local restaurant. We had a great night’s sleep (a full 8 hours for the first time in more than 2 weeks!) and this morning went for a swim and a snorkel! Our friends from Taff Tumas have just arrived too and are anchored beside us! Now we’re off to town to get checked-in with customs and immigration, arrange for repairs and get some shopping done.
early  morningplaytimedoradofish cleanedmid atlantic selfie<a
mid atlantic sunset
emergency tillertiller extension
50 miles to go
Bequia Lower Bay

7 thoughts on “Bequia

  1. amaai ! en dikke proficiat aan de volledige crew. Mijn gedachten zijn dikwijls naar jullie afgedwaald. Het blijft een schitterende prestatie en ik ben heel gelukkig voor jullie dat dit zonder problemen is verlopen. Time flies !!!!!!!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! I am so so proud of you guys!!! Ben and I have been tracking your progress with great fascination and I have to confess feeling a big sense of relief that you have made it across the big pond in one piece! I love Seathan’s fish pic and I think you have a new fb profile pic there too… Colin and I feel it should have a caption along the lines of “this is what you look like when you leave Accenture/Goldmans!!!” Love and hugs… mwa mwa!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your successful crossing. Rupert, Conrad and I arrived in Barbados on 16 of January aboard Namaste. We left San Sebastian on Christmas Day. I Can’t say I’m sorry we missed the 6 to 8 metre swells, we did see 3 to 4 metres though. Winds were 20 to 30 knots. I’m looking forward to following the rest of your journey

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