We’re back in the water! What a treat! After too many days on the hard (too hot! too many mosquitoes!), we really appreciate feeling the water under our hull again. Even sleeping on a boat that doesn’t rock felt too weird. We had to wait for a new raw water pump that needed replacing and it got stuck with customs for days but finally arrived on Monday afternoon. Now the boat is sparkling and we are itching to go sailing again. Last night we celebrated being back in the water with a lovely dinner onboard. Tomorrow we leave for the ABC islands; we should get there in about 3 days. We’ll post regular position updates on http://blog.mailasail.com/rehua

IMG_1049 IMG_1057

4 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. Happy Birthday Seathanie! What a great place to be to be celebrating it. I am awe of that epic sail cross the Atlantic. Sounds like all on board the Rehua are having a wonderful time. Audrie – You posts are great. Love to you and boys. Markie.

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