Stunning San Blas

We arrived in San Blas last Saturday after a four-day crossing from Aruba. In the first 24 hours we clocked 220 miles (partly because of very favourable current). The last three days went a bit slower and we were glad to see land after having to stand off on the fourth night. The reefs around … Continue reading Stunning San Blas

Off to San Blas

The wind has settled down and we are ready to leave for San Blas. We took the bus into town this morning to check out but, contrary to the advice they gave us when we checked in, they wouldn't let us.... Customs and immigration now insist they have to see the boat. So tomorrow we … Continue reading Off to San Blas


We had a pretty rough sail today from Curaçao to Aruba (25 to 30 knots with a peaks of 35 and a very agitated sea) but we were all fine and at least we got here fast! After a two night stop in Bonaire we continued to Curaçao where we left Gert and his 30 … Continue reading ABC