Swimming pools

It’s still blowing hard! So we decided to wait a few more days in Aruba before crossing to San Blas. Yesterday, Seathan and Stef went off to do some sand-kiting in the north of the island and Sandra and I decided to take the kids swimming. From where we are anchored we can see many big resorts lined up along the beach. Usually, if you take a few drinks or have some lunch at the pool bar, you are allowed to use the facilities. Here in Aruba that doesn’t seem to work though. The first hotel we stopped at seemed perfect and as we looked for a couple of empty sun loungers we were approached by a security guy who told us we were not allowed to swim. We asked if we could have lunch at the bar and apparently that was allowed. So we went to the pool bar and the waiter immediately offered to help us out and told us that he could get us a couple of blue towels (required to sit by the pool) but that we had to wait until there was a change in security guards. Anyway, it all sounded very complicated so we decided to try the second hotel. There, everyone was wearing a special bracelet and soon a security guy spotted us too, so we left. At the third hotel we didn’t even make it through the gate as security was stopping everyone who was trying to walk in and we weren’t even allowed to buy a drink at the bar. So we decided to settle down at a little beach bar to do our schoolwork with our feet in the sand and then go back and try our luck with the barman at the first place. Luckily, by the time we returned the security guy was gone and replaced by someone else so we took our chances. The kids jumped into the pool and Sandra and I had a drink at the bar. After a generous tip the barman happily gave us a couple of the standard blue towels so we could pretend we were hotel guests. But that didn’t fool the new security guy. Somehow he had worked out we were frauds (maybe because we were the only non-Americans in the resort?) and came over to ask us where we got the towels from. He was worried we pinched them from a chair and other guests would subsequently be missing their towels (for which apparently they have to pay a 25 USD deposit). We assured him we didn’t pinch them but also didn’t want to get our friendly barman into trouble. After some pleading he believed us and we were allowed to stay for the afternoon. Needless to say the kids had a great time! 

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