Off to San Blas

The wind has settled down and we are ready to leave for San Blas. We took the bus into town this morning to check out but, contrary to the advice they gave us when we checked in, they wouldn’t let us…. Customs and immigration now insist they have to see the boat. So tomorrow we have a 2 hour sail in the wrong direction in order to clear out and present the boat and ourselves to the officials… We don’t mind following the rules but it’s frustrating when they change from day to day! 

It’s about 700 miles to Sam Blas which should take us 5 days or so and we plan to spend a couple of weeks there before heading to Panama. It’s unlikely that we will have Internet access but we will try to do regular position updates on

Anyway, here’s a quick update from Seathan too:

Aruba Aroooba, it’s time to leave this beautiful but over populated Isle, we have endured 11 days of maintenance and happy hours, do Yanmar make a liver filter? 

On the boat side some great improvements have occurred, the most rewarding, a thorough clean up of the wiring on the DC side of the boat has been completed and we are now free to make water, keep the fridge and freezer running whilst under auto helm just on solar power, obviously a cloudy day is not welcome! this is a huge relief heading into the Pacific where the doldrums will put our diesel supplies at a premium!

The Caribbean has been special, a great wind down from the last crossing, we are entering new territory and with it comes the vagaries of weather around Columbia, we will take a more northerly route to avoid the permanent low we have been monitoring. Panama, San Blas in particular beckons, let’s hope they have not been changed to the degree we have seen in the Eastern Caribbean.

We will keep position updates via Inmarsat otherwise it’s silence for the next two weeks, that should mean we are in Paradise, here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “Off to San Blas

  1. Haleluja! i could not possibly experience what you guys do.,But i have been in caribics(not resort) and missing it since….Jeeeez iam jelouźzzz.
    good winds and god speed!
    Regards to all crue!

  2. Hi Audrie, Special request: I will probably never get to see the Panama canal (one of the man’s great engineering feats) up close and personal. Lots of pictures please. Loving your updates. Markie

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