Portobello, Panama

Christopher Colombus discovered the bay of Portobello in 1502 during his fourth voyage. It later became an important hub for transferring South and Central American gold and silver to Spain. Sir Francis Drake is also buried in the bay but his grave has not yet been discovered despite several British expeditions searching for it. Portobello is an interesting place, drenched in history and with lots of local colour. There are many boats anchored here, some waiting for a transit date for the Canal (Colon is less than 20NM away) and others just seem to hang out here for years. We reunited with several boats we met during the last few months and yesterday we had a big party onboard Rehua to celebrate Tyrii’s tenth birthday. He had a great day even though we had no presents (no shops). Home made birthday cards and some cash did the trick and he’s looking forward to going shopping in Colon or Panama city. We did however manage to buy ingredients for a chocolate cake in one of the Chinese mini-supermarkets. The party was a success and the kids spent most of the afternoon jumping off the boom into the water (again and again and again). Adults had fun too and Rehua turned into a true party boat. After enough rum punch we even managed to turn the cockpit and the aft deck into a dance floor!
Tomorrow we set sail for Colon to get organized for our canal transit. We don’t have a date yet but should find out more in the next few days.

Portobello town

Customs House, beautifully restored (1630)

entrance to the fort


ruins of the fort




the local bus


Tyrii is 10 and can drive the dinghy!


zooming across the bay


happy birthday Tyrii!


rehua partyboat


the castle of san fernando (1760) is made up of three levels: a lower and upper battery and a small fort at the top of the hill



…and more canons

can you find rehua?

view over the lower battery

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