Las Perlas, Panama

For the first time since we started our trip we have to consider tides. And right now they are spring tides with over 18 feet difference in ebb and flood. Something else to keep in mind when parking the boat! We enjoyed a very calm and relaxing sail over to the Las Perlas island archipelago yesterday and saw an abundance of wildlife including whales, pelicans, rays, turtles,… It was nice to say goodbye to Panama City but sad to part from our friends we’ve been travelling with since Gibraltar… We plan to rest up in Las Perlas for a few days and then start off on our biggest crossing yet. From here to the Marquesas it’s around 3800 NM! We might consider a stop at Galapagos; we’ll decide when we’re on the way and it will depend on the wind! At the moment the weather is very calm and the first few days will be without much wind. But we’re ready for it and the boat is heavier than it’s ever been, filled to the brim with diesel, water and provisions.

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Panama city

lots of pelicans…


we saw many logs, great transport for lazy birds

5 thoughts on “Las Perlas, Panama

  1. Hi, It was it was fun to meet you all!
    It was an amazing trip for me, not only across the Atlantic, but also the time in the Caribbean. I took over seventeen hundred photos during the trip.
    Thanks Audrie, for letting us borrow Jean one of the evenings (my foot still hurts a little 😉 ).
    I follow your journey sometimes on your blog. You have great photos on your blog and you seem to have a great trip.
    Johan is still there and will stay awhile I think. He’s got some friends there.

    Take care of you

    Best regards
    /Lars Lexner

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