Isabela, Galapagos 

Isabela is the largest island in Galapagos but it’s much less developed than Santa Cruz. Puerto Villamil used to be a penal colony and today there’s a small village here with a few shops, hostels and restaurants. There are two other kid boats in the anchorage (1 Australian and 1 Scottish) and the boys are in heaven. Yesterday morning all the kids were swimming together in the bay and the penguins came over to join them. They had so much fun and an experience to remember forever! The sea lions are plentIful here too and the marine iguanas are even bigger than on Santa Cruz. We’re planning to leave tomorrow or the day after depending on when we finish the last maintenance jobs. We’ll provide regular position updates on

This is going to be our longest crossing yet and could take us more than a month (but fingers crossed it will be less than that!) and we’re ready for it!  Next stop Marquesas!  


3 thoughts on “ Isabela, Galapagos 

  1. Hi Audrie – I am loving all your updates! What a fantastic wonderful memorable adventure you’re all having! Our news is rather more mundane – the house and garden are finally finished and I’m now 5 months pregnant with Spud 2!!! So we’ve got a slightly different kind of adventure ahead of us!! Best of luck with the big crossing – we’ll be watching for highlights and pictures to show to Imogen. Love Kelly, Grant, Immi Sue and Spud 2! X

  2. Hi Guys
    Hope you made it OK. Not too hairy. (I still remember the sea state when you left). We left on the Sunday 17th and arrived in Mexico at midnight on the 24th. Great trip (despite a knockdown in a squall!). We got on!!! I kept a diary. I’ll send you a link when I’ve joined some pictures to it. That’s it. Back to England soon. I’ll have to get my sailing vicariously through your blog!! It was great meeting you. Say hi to the boys from me.

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