Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

We’ve been in Nuku Hiva for over a week now and it feels good to take a little pause somewhere. We’ve been getting on with some schoolwork, exploring the sights ashore and catching up with friends. We’ve also been waiting for delivery of a new membrane for our water maker which we ordered from the U.S. and got shipped here. The cost of shipping was about 100 USD but we really need this part. We found out subsequently that there is an additional import and export tax to pay as well. This adds another 300 USD to the cost! Crazy as the actual value of the membrane is just 200 USD. The only advantage is that we don’t have to pay the local tax as we are a ship in transit. Ha! So our advice to other cruisers: don’t get anything delivered to French Polynesia!!! 

Nuku Hiva is the main island in the Marquesas and has the best choice in fruit and veg we’ve seen in a long time. We will be stocking up on provisions here before heading to the Tuamotus in a few days where fresh produce is quite scarce we’ve been told. Niku Hiva somehow reminds us of Scotland and New Zealand with its imposing green mountains and dramatic scenery. The sail to the Tuomutus is about 500NM and should take us about 4 days and we are looking forward to some turquoise water, white sandy beaches and evening campfires on the beach! 


the anchorage in Taiohae, Niku Hiva


dramatic scenery


there’s even a cathedral in Taiohae


cruising kids after a game of footie


cruising kids hanging in the local tree




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