Off to the Tuamotus

The weather forecast looks good and it’s time to say goodbye to the Marquesas and head to the Tuamotus. Our water maker is fitted with a new membrane and working a dream producing 40 litres an hour of the purest most delicious drinking water! Woohoo! Luckily Seathan had all the tools onboard required and the job was done in a few hours. Our old membrane was producing maximum 30 litres an hour and the quality started going downhill a few weeks ago. So this is great news! And I guess worth the extra import, export and shipping costs! To celebrate that and our upcoming departure we had a few leaving drinks last night with fellow cruisers whilst enjoying the local music festival in the little port. It’s the first time we really feel part of the cruising community. Now that we’re in the Pacific there’s only long term cruisers around and everyone is doing similar voyages. Apart from cruisers there aren’t any other tourists around either. It’s interesting to meet so many new people from so many different nationalities, different age groups, different backgrounds. 

It will probably be a while until we find wifi again so we will make sure to update our other blog regularly (we can do this using our satellite phone connection). Wifi has been very patchy ever since we left Panama. It’s amazing how we got so used to always having fast connections and I never imagined it would be so hard to get online … Uploading pictures sometimes takes hours, app updates or video Skype calls are challenging to say the least and downloading the new Shaun the Sheep movie isn’t even worth trying (even though I did try). I guess none of that is important… And we certainly have a lot more technology available than cruisers had a few years ago. We will just have to keep enjoying the weather, the sailing and paradise which is all around us 🙂

For position and other updates while we are “offline” check out

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