It’s hard saying goodbye each time you leave somewhere. The boys made several new friends and are sad to leave Tahiti on Thursday. After filling up with (duty-free!) diesel we cross the ten miles or so to Moorea and flat turquoise water awaits us in the anchorage just outside Cook’s bay. We see several humpback whales on approaching Moorea and feel very lucky. Some come so close to the boat that we actually have to slow down!

On Friday morning we travel a bit further west. There’s an underwater tiki exhibition nearby where we’re anchored and we snorkel over to check it out. It’s very cool and the coral and wildlife near the reef is pretty too. Also nearby is “stingray ally” and we’re in for a treat! Those rays are used to being fed and are very friendly and curious. On Saturday morning after breakfast we head over to the recommended location, anchor the dinghy and get out amongst the stingrays. They are very inquisitive and are all over us! A bit freaky! There are also tens of black tip reef sharks circling around us but they don’t come as close as the stingrays. We feed the rays sardines and they love it! After everything is gobbled up we dinghy back to the boat and half an hour later Tyrii sees a humpback whale jump up out of the water right next to the boat. Amazing! We get the cameras out and Seathan jumps in the water. We can’t believe our luck. The whale swims around the boat for half an hour and then finds his way back out to the pass to exit the reef. What a morning!
Moorea is absolutely gorgeous and reminds us a bit of the Marquesas with its bright green mountains and deep bays. The only difference is that there is a big reef around the island. We want to spend a few more days here and then it’s off to the next island, probably Huahine.


we see a lot of whales on approaching Moorea


Moorea coastline


underwater tiki


beautiful corals near the reef


our anchorage on Saturday morning


seathan cuddles with stingrays


they are very inquisitive


the sharks are out too


they eat out of our hands


a humpback whale right next to the boat


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