Huahine, the wild one

This is more like it! After crowded Tahiti and touristy Moorea we enjoy one of the quieter Society Islands very much. Huahine, l’île sauvage, is mountainous and fertile. We arrive under glorious sunshine and the intensity of the turquoise water is stunning. A huge reef surrounds the entire island and there’s a pass on the northwest side close to the main village. In the afternoon a couple of humpback whales come through the pass (a mother and calf) and it’s beautiful to watch them reappear several times before they head out again.

Fare is a laid back welcoming settlement with a decent grocery store, some roulottes (food vans) serving steak frites and chow mein and even a yacht club, which does happy hour every night. The brilliant sunshine doesn’t last and the next few days are overcast. In fact, the weather has been a bit strange lately with lots of squalls and unseasonal cold weather. We even have to use a blanket at night, tch tch! Apparently this is due to El Niño, a weather phenomenon that occurs every few years. Anyway, it’s perfect weather for a bike ride! We hire four bicycles and go around the northern part of the island, which is about 20 kilometres. There are a few steep hills (15%) where we dismount but apart from that even Aeneas (who is only five) manages to cycle the whole way without any complaints. During the trip we stop at the archaeological site in Maeva, we see some very fat sacred blue eels in Faie, we visit a pearl farm and have lunch from a roulotte. It’s a great day out and a real pleasure to be on bikes again, it’s been a long time! After three nights in Huahine we decide it’s time to head for the next island, Tahaa: famous for its vanilla and its coral gardens …      

the view from our cockpit with raiatea in the backgroind


view from the top


approaching huahine, surrounded by one big reef


the anchorage near the villlage



bike trip around the island


archaeological site


sacred eels


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