Never leave port on a Friday …

We were all ready to go on Wednesday (checked out, provisions done) and happily went to happy hour drinks that evening knowing that all we had left to do the next day was to fuel up… But by the time happy hour drinks were over, the weather had changed completely and the floating dinghy dock had turned into a hellishly jumpy platform. We were soaking wet getting back to the boat and had a restless night’s sleep as Rehua was bouncing around its mooring alongside with all the other yachts in the anchorage. On Thursday morning the weather didn’t look any better and there was no chance of getting tied on to the diesel dock in those conditions. Toucan kindly lent us their jerry cans and we filled our tanks slowly with a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in very lumpy conditions. It took Seathan and Tyrii (who was a great little helper) the best part of the morning to get the job done. Toucan left after lunch but we decided to wait for the weather to calm down. I also had food poisoning a few days ago after eating a chicken salad in a local snack bar. Although I recovered, my energy levels were still low. One more decent night’s sleep would surely do the trick. And as if our minds weren’t made up already: two other kid boats arrived after lunch. The kids haven’t had much opportunity to socialise lately so we felt it would be good to give them a chance to play and hang out with other kids. And they did! All afternoon and all evening!

And today it is Friday. The weather has calmed down and the swell has reduced. But it’s Friday. You know that saying “Never leave port of a Friday”… We’re not superstitious but we are sailors after all. And the weather is predicted to calm down even more today. We just got a report back from Toucan who are on their way to the Cook Islands and the conditions out there are pretty rough, but getting better by the minute.

Seathan also had one more job to do this morning. We had some bad luck at the dinghy dock last night (still the bouncy platform from hell). Our dinghy got entangled with a dive boat that ripped a big hole in one of the tubes. It was a very sad looking dinghy and luckily there were enough other cruisers around to help and tow it back to the boat. The dinghy is all patched up again thanks to our neighbours from Windance who gave us some glue (we ran out recently) that worked with our patches. I still think we’ll be going shopping in New Zealand though ☺

Kids having fun at the MaiKai Yacht Club last night

Kids having fun at the MaiKai Yacht Club last night

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