Bye Bye Palmerston

Thank you people of Palmerston for an amazing week! We have never felt so welcome anywhere. There is a good weather window for Niue so we are about to take off and should get there by Monday morning.

The other boat that was here for a few days (Florestan) left this morning. We were keen to get going too but couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. Today was also the end of term party at the school to which we were invited along. The kids were tasked with making an outfit or a useful item out of recycled goods. The results were impressive! A village feast followed with delicious food. We felt very privileged to take part.

Aeneas with his new friends at school

the kids are being prepped for the last day of term and the competition


the entire village is present


the men like to wear colourful shirts

some of the items made by the schoolchildren with recycled goods

the judges carefully review each item

some children made special costumes instead


this dress was made from paper magazines!


great outfits!

lunch buffet for everyone and these people can eat!

Seathan with our host Edward

this one is for Bart and Dorothy: Bob and his wife send their love!

another quick look at the washing machine but unfortunately it is beyond repair


Caroline looks after baby birds and wants to be a biologist when she grows up


the youngest islander and his big sister


the boys and their friend Tamatoa playing soldiers


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