We made it!

Audrie gave me the title, thinking about it; did my wife expect we wouldn't,  was there an option? Not really, planning the route down to NZ was 1/10 local knowledge from MetBob and 4/10ths "I know how to plan a route",  the other half was Jeez we didn't expect this, that wasn't on the gribs, … Continue reading We made it!

Out of the Tropics

We crossed Latitude 32 Degrees South two hours ago, leaving us 180nm into Opua, it's not a snap change but we left Minerva in shorts and sun-hats, six days later, one out of New Zealand there has been a hunt on for those toasty items of clothing that haven't seen the light of day for … Continue reading Out of the Tropics


We didn't stay long in Minerva reef. In fact, we left the same day to catch the weather window to NZ. At this point it is unclear when the next weather window will be, so we didn't fancy being stuck there for a week or two with nothing to do! Swimming or snorkeling is not … Continue reading GREY


Yesterday Aeneas turned six! It’s his second birthday on this trip (last year we were in Fuengirola). It turned out to be a hectic day that started early to open presents. He was astonished to find Playmobil and Lego underneath the wrappers as they aren’t to be found anywhere in these regions. We had them … Continue reading Six