The Blue Lagoon

We have cleared out and stocked up on provisions and diesel (enough to get us to NZ) but on our way out of Vava’u we sail past the Blue Lagoon and the kids want to say a final goodbye to their friends who live on Fofoaisland. We drop anchor in the Blue Lagoon on Saturday afternoon. The lagoon is as flat as a pancake; there is no wind at all. Normally it can be quite choppy in here so we are lucky. We are invited to an “end of season” party at Sue and Mort’s, an Australian couple who live on the island for 6 months of the year. It’s a potluck party: everyone has to bring a dish and the food gets shared around. There’s a mix of expats and locals who live in and around Hunga lagoon. It’s a great night that can only be described as a Tongan feast: plenty of food including a roasted pig, music, dancing and some Tongan singing. The next day it is time to think about leaving and after saying our goodbyes, we lift anchor in the early hours of Monday morning to sail the 60 miles over to the Ha’apaigroup. It’s a beautiful calm day with just enough wind to keep the sails up and we arrive in the afternoon with sufficient light to zigzag our way through the reefs into the anchorage at Fao Island. There’s nobody else around and we enjoy a tranquil evening. The Ha’apai group is Tonga’s central archipelago and includes 61 islands. We don’t plan to go ashore here but just enjoy a few peaceful anchorages until there is a good weather window for NZ, which looks like there could be at the end of this week.


The Blue Lagoon


view over Foelifuka and Foeata Islands


having fun in the Blue Lagoon


saying goodbye is never easy


art lesson in Ha’apai


replacing seals and bearings on raw water pump, prevention is better than cure!


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