Off to NZ

I can describe the snorkel Virginie and I did yesterday in one word: WAW. We are in the Ha’apai island group of Tonga and the underwater life is some of the most spectacular we have seen on our trip. We caught up with Toucan and Phileas a couple of days ago and have since moved together to one of the many desert islands that are dotted all over the place. Yesterday Seathan, Bruce, Di, Nicolas and Oscar went for a dive and saw whales, dolphins and eagle rays. Meanwhile, Virginie and I took the kids tot he beach and went for an epic snorkel: we couldn’t believe our eyes and feasted on the lively multi-coloured corals and admired fishes we had never seen before.

We’re making the most of our last few days in paradise as a window came up to make the passage to NZ. Seathan came to that conclusion a few days ago after having studied the GRIBS for a few months now. It was reassuring to hear that Bob McDavitt, the local weather guru based in NZ, made the same assessment. I hope it will not be too lumpy a passage as this part of the Pacific is notorious for being rough…


Our private island in the Ha’apai, one of the many stunning anchorages


Virginie and I had a great snorkel…


… while the kids played near the beach


amazing corals!


and another beautiful sunset!

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