Minerva Reef

The sail from Tonga started beautifully with flat water, fair winds and blue seas, the colouring was continuous but the wind and sea state, as usual, did an about turn, humps from the south and lumps from the east made for some rock and roll, albeit at 9knts+ boat speed.
We are anchored in the middle of the Ocean! Seriously! We approached Minerva Reef at 11 am and entered through the pass to find a few other yachts (tourists, tch, tch 🙂 inside this stunning turquoise lagoon. It’s worth looking this up on Google Earth (the big green donut with sprinkles) someone apparently wanted to build a resort here and got as far as trying to create a sand Motu for the hotel, it’s gone, there would have to be easier ways to scratch a living, how were the visitors going to get here?? This place is beautiful but remote doesn’t begin to describe it.
The fishing on the way down was at last productive, it didn’t seem to matter what you put on the end of the line, the Mahi Mahi were up for it, we snared a beautiful 4 footer last night; after a scene resembling one of Tarantino’s earlier movies we finally managed to get him into the freezer, R.I.P. Mr. Blue, we will think of you every mealtime.
P.S. If you want to stun a big fish with rum, spray it in his gills, don’t I repeat don’t pour it down his throat……………….

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