“A Dark Art”

Position: 28 deg 11 min S: 174 deg 21 mins E.
The art of emailing via SSB radio is a dark one. Our Icom 802 crackles to life as we choose an appropriate frequency which is selected from a propagation chart, we listen in to make sure no-one else is using the line, it’s back to your pre-broadband modem that popped, squeaked, screeched and whistled at you, this message will come through a ground station at Darawank in NSW, this evening it could be Mahini in the Tuamotus or Nuie in the Cook Islands, it seems like the proverbial lottery which station has the strongest signal!! Either way it’s free (almost)and it works, most of the time.
It’s Thursday 2100hrs UTC or Friday 1000hrs local, we have just received the GRIB files for the next four days, everyone sitting round the screen to see what Huey (Australian God of wind)and Neptune (Greek God who roughs us up a bit)have in store for us today. It looks pretty good apart from a low that will hit north NZ on the weekend, we will make Westing while we can and try to tuck in behind it for a sled ride into Opua.
Today it’s blue water sailing at its best, wind 60 degrees apparent, boat speed 7-8 knts, and the sun is shining; downside, the water temperature is going through the floor, swimming in NZ will not be quite so luxurious!
Everyone is on great form, the salon looks like a Lego/Playmobil paradise for the boys, for adults, how to describe? it’s akin to walking barefoot over a big coral head……….in the dark!
Our buddy boat Phileas has managed to take a jump on us, methinks the “iron headsail” might have been used, either way we will catch up for a reunion on arrival.
Other news is that we don’t get news out here, it’s weather, food and sleep that drive our day, the weather is great, there’s a chicken casserole on the stove and we all slept like “Jack Tars” last night, long may it last. Rehua; standing by in the South Pacific.

2 thoughts on ““A Dark Art”

  1. Hi E&R! We made it to NZ and the passage was ok!
    Thanks for the feedback on our blog! Can’t take any credit for this one though, was all Seathan. Have updated the blog as we only have one email address to send in remote blog updates so they all show up under my name at first …. XX

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