Out of the Tropics

We crossed Latitude 32 Degrees South two hours ago, leaving us 180nm into Opua, it’s not a snap change but we left Minerva in shorts and sun-hats, six days later, one out of New Zealand there has been a hunt on for those toasty items of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day for eighteen months. Its comparatively freezing to the Tropics, water temperature is down to 14 degrees Celsius, air temperature to around 16 with wind chill taken into account, “pass the furs dahling”.
Our cockpit enclosure is a godsend, we keep the windward “clears” in place most of the time sailing, heck we’re cruising, Audrie and I have both done our “time on the rail”, I sincerely feel for some of the less well protected helms on this leg!
We have the top of a low pressure system giving us a bit of Westerly punishment at the moment, it’s 25-30knts on the beam, the sea is a mess and the colder wind is heavier by far giving the gusts some real punch.
Rehua loves this stuff, we are double reefed on the main and balanced nicely with a few turns on the 130 genoa sheeted to the toerail, this gives us a good average of 8.5knts which will bring us into Opua at first light tomorrow.
On the menu today is pretty much everything we have left in the lockers, eat it or lose it is the NZ Customs mantra or should be reading their list of prohibited articles.
So we’ll start on the fresh stuff, not much left, swiftly moving along onto the cannery department, why do we buy sausages and beans in a tin, beef casserole in a tin with carrots peas and potatoes? Who eats that sh.., er, stuff these days, Joshua Slocum, Robin Knox Johnston, Bernard Motissier didn’t have a choice, we do, “ban the can” I say!! Dried goods, how many 40ltr containers??? we should rent a 747 and fly the surplus to some less well off African country.
Enough said, NZ’s “Bio-Boys” will be incinerating for a week, the upside is we’ll be light again and we’ll never stock up with tins again……..will we?? Rehua_/)_to the “Land of the Long White Cloud” (understatement today)

5 thoughts on “Out of the Tropics

  1. Hi guys, glad you are making such good progress! I’m very impressed, hopefully Toucan is able to get going soon and you can celebrate your voyage so far together. If possible, Mia & I may get to NZ early next year & catch you before we leave. Funny about you unpacking the warm clothing, I’m unpacking my delivery bag & taking out ALL the cold/ heavy weather gear for a delivery up the wast coast of Malaysia, t shirts & shorts all the way. Big contrast to my last three deliveries!
    All the very best.
    Regards The Butler

    • Hi Geoff! Great to hear from you. Was a very relaxed trip in the end! Phew! Good luck with the Malaysia delivery – sounds great. Would be super to catch up with you early next year. Keep in touch!

  2. Haere mai ki Aotearoa.
    That was a quick trip down from Tonga. Must be Rehua sensing its close to the spiritual homeland of it namesake and willing itself on. Drop us a line when you get settled. Cheers Marky

    • Hi Marky! Yes we’re here!! Woohoo! Was a great sail down in the end. Waiting for customs, Biosec etc tomorrow morning and then we’ll make a plan. Can’t wait to see you guys! xx

  3. Tell Seathan to use his Aus passport to enter. He will most likely be issued with a residence visa which will make life easier for you all. M.

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